The measures for the automotive sector announced on Budget Day are small and limited.

The most striking change is that electric cars with solar cells will be equated with hydrogen cars for tax purposes.

This means that there is no maximum price for the addition discount.

This means that for (future) cars such as the Lightyear One, the then applicable addition discount for electric cars applies over the entire amount and not up to the maximum of 40,000 euros.

At the moment, that is an 8 percent addition instead of 22 percent.

For the time being, the same applies to cars that run on hydrogen.

There is also a small change in the bpm policy for import: from now on the moment of registration in the vehicle registration register is leading, not the name of the (imported) car.

This is to cancel out any unfair difference between a domestic purchase or a foreign purchase of a used car.

The RAI industry association has also responded to the cabinet plans and is asking for additional measures to support the growth towards individual mobility.

For example, the organization would have liked to see the driving license requirements for 125cc engines lowered, so that motorists can switch more easily.

Now they are stuck with the three-wheel motor scooters like the Piaggio MP3.

In addition, as far as the RAI Association is concerned, the lease scheme for bicycles must be made more accessible.

Finally, the RAI Association wants the fleet to be greened more quickly.

According to the association, this can be done by extending the purchase subsidies for electric cars to hybrid vehicles and models with plug-in hybrid powertrain.

In addition, there must be clarity about such a subsidy for electric vans and trucks.

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