One of the people who went missing in Uiam Lake during a heavy rain last month was not found.

The police are investigating a number of officials, and Chuncheon City released CCTV footage on the scene 43 days after the accident.

This is G1 Choi Don-hee.

<Reporter> It

is estimated to be around 11:29 am on the day of the accident.

The aquatic islands are already drifting away and private boats are coming down.

The water control ship is rocking with a splash, but the police boat that followed is caught and overthrown.

Then, the environmental watchdog turns over toward Sucho Island.

About 30 seconds later, the administrative line turns away and passes under the water control line to approach the sunken environmental watchdog and rescue one person.

The city of Chuncheon said it would release the video to inform the situation at the time when rescue was attempted to the end even in an urgent situation and to help clarify the truth.

[Chuncheon-si Citizen Communication Officer Cho/Chuncheon City: Chuncheon-si decided that it was correct for the general public to approach the substance of the case and see it accurately.]

Police investigation is speeding up.

​The police converted most of the command line of the department in charge of Sucho Island and the safety management department in Chuncheon City into suspects and filed them.

It is known that more than 10 people were charged.

It is predicted that the investigation is subject to work orders and the fixed status of the aquatic islands as well as the entire aquatic islands project and the investigation has reached the end.

(Video coverage: Park Jong-hyun G1, Kwon-hwan G1, screen provided: Chuncheon City Hall)