It was analyzed that the mock evaluation for the September University Academic Ability Test (Mopyeong), which was conducted on the 16th, was similar to or slightly easier than the 2020 SAT held last year.

This Mopyeong, which is hosted by the Korea Institute for Curriculum and Evaluation, which is an organization for testing the SAT, took 4,87,347 high school students and 78,000 graduates.

In the entrance examination industry, it is believed that the spread of Corona 19 disrupted schooling classes and raised concerns about the educational gap between enrolled students and re-entrants, and upper-middle and lower-ranked students.

● Korean language domain, high difficulty problem does not come out…


general opinion of entrance examination experts is that the Korean language field was slightly easier than last year's SAT, or similar to last year's SAT, as in June's Mopyeong.

Except for the appearance of a somewhat unfamiliar form of composite fingerprints in literature, the trend of questions is similar to the previous one, and the length of the fingerprints was not long.

In non-literature, it is remarkable that a problem related to Corona 19 was raised.

Seong-ho Lim, CEO of Jongno Academy's Sky Education, said, "Overall, the connection to EBS was clear and it was somewhat easier than the previous year's SAT," and "It seems that the evaluation agency's policy of submitting questions similar to the previous year is maintained."

He added, "A lot of problems related to the corona situation were presented in the score of 20 points for 9 questions, including administrative regulation and pathogen related," he added.

Nam Yun-gon, head of the Megastudy Admissions Strategy Research Institute, said, "It seems that the questioning of new types or high-level problems has been avoided due to the aftermath of Corona 19." It could have been felt."

Lee Young-deok, director of the Daesung Academic Development Institute, said, "In literature, the form in which criticism is combined with classical poetry and essays complex texts has not been presented before. The length of the essay and criticism is short, but the contents are not simple, so students would have felt it difficult." Said.

● "Mathematics hypothetical, similar to last year's SAT test...B-hyeong is similar or somewhat easier"

In the field of mathematics, the most difficult question to determine the grade of the top-ranked students was relatively moderate, but an analysis suggests that the middle-high-ranking students may have had a hard time arranging time. .

In the case of mathematics pretends that students who want to enter the natural sciences, the most difficult question, called the'killer question', seems to have maintained a similar difficulty to last year's SAT.

CEO Lim Seong-ho said, "The trend is to exclude killer questions that are too difficult for both A and B. As a new curriculum was applied, geometry and vector questions, which were usually killer questions, were replaced with probability and statistics. Probability and statistics are killer questions. It's not a level of difficulty,” he explained.

Director Nam Yoon-gon said, "Since there are many quasi-killer-level questions, time may be insufficient, so it seems that time arrangement will be important for the examinee."

In the case of mathematics B-hyeong, which many students entering into the humanities and social sciences, were evaluated as being similar or somewhat easier to last year's SAT, and somewhat more difficult than Mopyeong in June this year.

Woo Yeon-cheol, head of the Institute for Admissions Strategy at Jinhaksa, said, "A lot of the questions of moderate difficulty were presented, and the high-difficulty questions were similar to that of June." But, "However, since there was a problem that required more calculations than Mopyeong in June, it would have taken some time for middle-ranking students." Analyzed.

Director Nam Yun-gon said, "I don't feel the change in the difficulty of the highest-difficulty questions, but the difficulty of the next-ranked questions has risen compared to June's Mopyeong." .

(Photo = Yonhap News)