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A man in his 60s who set fires several times with the aim of entering prison due to a difficult living was sentenced to imprisonment.

Today (16th), the 13th Criminal Division of the Incheon District Court (Judge Eun-seol Ko) announced that he sentenced Mr. A to two years and six months in prison, who was accused of arranging general buildings.

Mr. A was found to have tried or set fires in three different buildings over an hour on June 21st.

Around 2:40 am, a fire was set in a building in Jung-gu, Incheon City, which was the first to visit, causing property damage worth 30 million won.

A building in Dong-gu was set on fire after about 40 minutes, but fortunately, it was initially extinguished by firefighters dispatched to the scene.

At around 3:45 in the morning, I tried to set a fire in the hospital building in Dong-gu, but it was still an attempt.

It is reported that Mr. A was sentenced to three years probation for arson of prefectural buildings in 2000 and jail sentence for arson of general buildings in 2008 and then committed another crime. Immediately after the crime, Mr. A, who came to the police station and surrendered himself, stated that he had committed an arson crime in order to be imprisoned in prison while suffering a life hardship.

The judge said, "Three times in one night, the crime was not very good because the buildings were burned in a series of unrelated people's possessions. He pointed out, "We did not make any effort to compensate for the damage even though there was a lot of damage to our property."

He said, "However, firefighters succeeded in early extinguishing and there was no human injury, and we considered the fact that they were self-confident after the incident and were reflecting on their faults."

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