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first trial court sentenced a woman to 22 years in prison for a woman who locked her 9-year-old son in a travel bag for 7 hours and killed her by being crushed by her body.

The judge said that the child was in pain, calling him the mother until the end, and applied the crime of murder for the cruel offense.

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the first trial of the 41-year-old Sung-mo, who was accused of murder, child abuse, and special injuries, the court sentenced him to 22 years in prison.

Deputy Judge Chae Dae-won of the Cheonan Branch of the Daejeon District Law said that the defendant could know that a series of actions, such as trapping the victim in a bag, running up and blowing hot air, are more likely to die.

He applied the crime of murder, not negligence, saying that the unwritten intention of murder was recognized.

The judge said that when the child's father saw the wounds on the victim's body and said that he would live separately, he found a way to leave no traces and beat him to murder.

The policeman cried several times while reading the judgment saying that the child he had dreamed of was in pain, calling him a mother until the end, and crying broke out in various courts.

The prosecution had requested life imprisonment for neglecting the child and delaying reporting 119.

The bereaved family raged about whether Seong would live happily with his children 22 years later, and civic groups also regretted the sentencing.

[Gong Hye-jeong/CEO of the Korea Child Abuse Prevention Association: I think that a higher sentencing standard should be applied because it was the one-sided murder of a child under force majeure...


On June 1, in an apartment in Cheonan, Sung is accused of crushing his 9-year-old son in two suitcases for 7 hours and causing him to die.