Ireland's major case court, the High Court, has shelved an investigation by the local privacy regulator into Facebook.

The Data Protection Commission (DPC) wanted Facebook to stop sending data from Europeans to the United States.

The Irish privacy regulator therefore asked Facebook to stop the practice,

The Wall Street Journal


earlier September.

Ireland plays a major role in how the privacy of residents of the European Union is maintained.

Because many American tech companies, including Facebook, have their European headquarters in the country, the control lies primarily with the DPC.

Reportedly, Facebook could fulfill the wish of the Irish privacy authority by no longer sending data from European users to the US, or storing this data within the EU.

Facebook wants to challenge the DPC's decision.

It's unclear when the case will resume now that the High Court has stepped on the brakes.

The Irish privacy watchdog is taking steps after the European Court of Justice declared the so-called Privacy Shield invalid in July.

This agreement provides options to store European data in the US.

The court dropped the agreement because the data of Europeans in the US is not protected enough from US surveillance.