The German automaker Daimler, parent company of Mercedes-Benz, among others, pays a total of 2.2 billion dollars (1.85 billion euros) to American authorities and customers for tampering with the emission values ​​of cars.

This appears from court documents on Tuesday.

The world-famous automaker reached a settlement of hundreds of millions of euros in a similar case in Germany last year.

Most of the $ 2.2 billion, $ 1.5 billion, is for a settlement with US authorities for tampering with diesel engine emissions levels in 250,000 cars and vans.

In addition, the automaker expects to spend an additional $ 700 million to compensate customers for it.

Victims of the fraud case receive up to $ 3,290 from Daimler to repair the vehicles with the rogue software.

In addition, the automaker pays for the costs of the lawsuits that were filed against Daimler.

The settlement follows a five-year investigation by the US Department of Justice and aims "to deter others who may want to violate our environmental regulations in the future," the department said.

It is not the first time that Daimler has been involved in a case with so-called cheating software.

Last year, the German automaker was heavily fined in Germany in a case similar to the American one.

Then the group paid 870 million euros.