Rounded, tidy, puristic: Apple and its devices have stood for a world without chaos for decades.

But in the pandemic year 2020, not even the most valuable company in the world will succeed in faking normality.

The company's September event this year has no big stage.

In a video recording that was broadcast on Tuesday morning, California local time, Tim Cook walks along endless floor-length windows at Apple's headquarters in Cupertino and talks about the difficult times and the challenges that Covid-19 poses to people worldwide.

Oh, and of course how nice it is that Apple's products have been able to help people come together and move on.  

Because: Even if devastating forest fires take place in California and this global pandemic is still raging: The show must go on.

There is a Christmas business to cope with, and of course: Anyone who is in the home office or had to withdraw into private life due to Covid-19 may think about upgrading gadgets.

So those who can afford it. 

The presentation is less than three minutes old, as Cook already spoiled: Apple will today mainly present innovations in the Apple Watch and the iPads.

Which gave all speculations in advance right: The new iPhone 12, the first generation of 5G-capable Apple smartphones, would not be the day.

There was no time to think about it.

In an hour full of clips, wild camera shots through all floors of its headquarters, with dozens of testimonials and employees, Apple presented what innovations it had to offer instead. 

Suddenly quite colorful here: The Apple Watch Series

Right at the beginning of its event, Apple launched its new Apple Watch Series 6, again with a strong focus on health and fitness options.

This is exactly what made the Apple Watch so successful in the past.

Now the big new feature that this generation of watches is supposed to be sold is that they are supposed to be able to detect oxygen levels in the blood.

And if in doubt, indicate if there is a shortage.

Or to show how fit someone is. 

The new generation of Apple Watches will cost at least 418 euros in the future and is also available in colors that are surprisingly strong for Apple, such as red and blue.

The always-on retina display has been improved, and the dial should be easier to see outside in sunlight.

The height measurement should also work better and a dual-core processor based on the A13 Bionic chip should improve performance and extend battery life. 

As with the iPhone, Apple has decided to launch a cheaper range: with a slimmed-down version, the Apple Watch SE from 291 euros, the company is obviously trying to reach new customer groups. 

New features in the watchOS 7 operating system, which runs on both the Series 6 and the Apple Watch SE, enable the watch to record sleep and - again due to Covid-19 - correct hand washing. 

In addition, minors without their own iPhones can have their Apple Watches configured by family members.

On the one hand, this brings new customers.

On the other hand, it offers new possibilities to restrict the communication of one's own children and to locate their location, which could at least seem strange.