Yesterday (14th), 7 people were injured as a Porsche sprinted at a tremendous speed in the middle of downtown Busan, hitting a motorcycle, a car, and a bus.

The driver had a bigger accident while running away from another car just before that, but it turned out that he was inhaling hemp.

Reporter Song Seong-jun on the report.

At the <Reporter>

intersection, a black Porsche car sprints like a fleetingly, hitting the motorcycles and cars ahead one after another.

The Porsche car turned over and hit a bus and a car waiting for the signal.

Seven people were injured, including serious injuries to motorcyclists in an accident involving seven cars.

[Witness at the time of the accident: There was a bang bang, and when I ran, the car turned over and it was terrible. It was completely tattered. I even thought about whether people could live there.]

It was confirmed that the Porsche driver had already had two more accidents right before the seven-fold crash here.

After the first accident about 570m away from the seven-fold collision accident, he ran 500m away and hit a car again.

At the time of the third collision, the police believe that it ran more than 140km/h in the 50km/h section of the speed limit.

The reason why I ran without stepping on the brakes, it turned out to be a hallucinatory run.

It turns out that they smoked cannabis that an acquaintance who was in the passenger seat handed over in the car.

[Busan Haeundae Police Station Officer: If you haven't been drinking, you shouldn't have to investigate anything else. During the investigation, he confessed and found it out.]

Immediately after the accident, the driver asked another acquaintance to take the vehicle's black box and turned it over to the police.

Police are investigating how the hemp was purchased and whether it was intended to destroy evidence.

(Video coverage: Jung Kyung-moon, screen provided: Bobae Dream, Song Young-hoon)