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Jo Doo-soon, a child sex offender, is released about three months later, he will return to Ansan, Gyeonggi-do, where he lived.

The Mayor of Ansan asked him to enact a law so that Jo Doo-soon could be quarantined again, but the Ministry of Justice said it was difficult.

This is reporter Jo Yoon-ha.


Jo Doo-soon has been imprisoned for 12 years for sexual assault on an 8-year-old elementary school student.

In an interview with the correctional authorities in July, he said, "I will return to Ansan where I lived after being released."

Ansan citizens complain of anxiety.

[Gangsihyeon / Ansan Sangnok-gu: There is scared thinking of moving because of crime.]

[Gimhyeonwoo / Ansan Sangnok-gu: Would not worry about it is that, as and where it goes Path (Ansan)

City Hall has exhausted hail the complaints telephone,

[Anshan City Hall Civil petition call (Yesterday): From the point of view of a mother raising a child, she is too anxious, and because of Jo Doo-soon, I can't live because I'm really anxious.]

Si SNS also expressed anxiety or asked for measures to be taken.

The City of Ansan requested the Ministry of Justice to enact a protection and expropriation law so that Jo Doo-soon could be re-quarantined in addition to installing 200 additional security CCTVs around his house.

The detention system is a system in which violent criminals such as child rape and serial killer are quarantined for a certain period of time after release.

[Yunhwaseop / Anshan market: to be able to stay in for a certain period of detention dont would like would of civil unrest be minimized;

however the Ministry of Justice, "in the current initiative measure is no retroactive provisions" and "the new system to the person who committed past offenses Can not be applied retroactively."

The Ministry of Justice is planning to designate a probation officer in charge of Cho Doo-soon after being released, and to impose restrictions on alcohol consumption, and additional measures are needed to relieve Ansan citizens' anxiety.

(Video coverage: Choi Woong Choi, video editing: Jihye So, CG: Hyunjung Seo)