The government said that it is not currently considering whether to give medical students an opportunity to retake the medical students who refused to take the national examination due to the policy of expanding medical school gardens.

At a regular briefing held today (14th) at the Government Complex Sejong, a spokesman for the Ministry of Health and Welfare Son Young-rae said, "First of all, medical students are refusing to take the national test themselves." I haven't received any comments saying that I would take a look."

He added, "We believe that the need to review additional exams is diminished in a situation where the parties refuse to take the exam with their free will."

The government also maintained the position that it would be difficult to give medical students a chance to take the test again without public consent even if they say they want to take the test.

Spokesman Sohn said, "Since national examinations are taken by people who are preparing for a number of occupations and qualifications, giving additional opportunities for the pseudo-national examinations is a violation of equity and fairness for others."

He said, "If the consent and understanding of the people are not preceded, it is not an issue that the government can easily decide to grant additional opportunities for the national examination." .

Earlier, when medical students refused to take the test, the government allowed them to reapply for the test by 12:00 pm on the 6th.

However, only 446 people, 14% of the 3,172 people, applied for the test.

The practical test started on the 8th and will be distributed until November 20th.