NVIDIA has acquired the chip manufacturer Arm.

NVIDIA and Arm announce this on their websites.

NVIDIA will pay $ 40 billion (33.8 billion euros) to Japanese Arm parent company Softbank for the acquisition.

Arm is a well-known chip maker, who sells licenses of chip designs to companies.

Those companies can then base their own chips on this.

Apple, Samsung, Microsoft and Qualcomm, among others, make use of the designs.

NVIDIA reports that nothing will change in that way of working after the acquisition, except that customers will, among other things, “benefit from several innovations from NVIDIA”.

Both companies will work together to develop artificial intelligence (AI).

By combining technologies from NVIDIA and Arm, AI can be enhanced “in the cloud, on smartphones, PCs, self-driving cars and in robotics,” said NVIDIA founder Jensen Huang.

It may take another eighteen months for the acquisition to be completed.

NVIDIA and Arm are now in agreement, but regulatory approval has yet to be given by authorities in the US, UK, EU and China.