When her husband who had committed an affair assaulted her in front of her daughter, a woman who was stabbed with a weapon was commuted from the second trial and was sentenced to probation.

The first criminal division of the Daegu High Court (Deputy Judge Kim Yeon-woo) said yesterday (13th) that the court case was canceled at the appeal trial of Mr. A in his 40s, who was accused of attempting murder, and sentenced him to three years in prison and five years probation.

On March 12, while drinking with her husband, Mr. A was arrested for attempting to kill her husband with a weapon.

A, who usually suffered from depression and panic disorder, tried to remain faithful to her family life even after learning about her husband's affair last year, but it was investigated that she committed the same crime when she was assaulted by her husband in front of her daughter.

Earlier, the first trial court sentenced Mr. A to three years in prison and ordered two years of probation.

However, Mr. A appealed because his brother was too heavy to be unfair.

The Appeals Tribunal broke the ruling of the first trial and sentenced the sentence to probation, saying, "It appears that the accused, who felt severely betrayed by the fact of affairs, was assaulted, and it seems that he accidentally committed the crime while drunk."

"The crime was only attempted, and the victim appears to have recovered their former health without any special aftereffects, the victim's husband acknowledged responsibility and repeatedly pleaded for election, and (the defendant) continued economic activities despite suffering mental illness. So, I synthesized the points I tried to maintain the family.”

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