Cho Doo-soon, who kidnapped an 8-year-old child and raped him, will be released in December.

It is known that he said he would return to the place where he had lived and live quietly, saying that he was repenting for his sins.

Reporter Kang Cheong-wan on the report.


Jo Doo-soon was sentenced to 12 years in prison for kidnapping an 8-year-old child and rape in 2008.

In an interview with a psychological counselor in July, an official from the Ministry of Justice said, "I am sorry for my crimes, and if I am released, I will live quietly without causing controversy."

The official said that he will be released for maturity on December 12th, and that he will return to his home in Ansan after he is released.

This is because it is difficult to move to another place as it is disclosed.

It is said that Jo's wife continues to live in the Ansan house.

An official from the Ministry of Justice said that Mrs. Doo-soon Cho said, "I still have affection and trust in Mr. Jo," and said, "I will manage Mr. Jo well so that there is no accident after release."

It is known that Mr. Jo also said, "I know how society evaluates my crimes. I will be accused of being criticized."

The Ministry of Justice has formulated comprehensive measures to prevent Doo-soon Cho recidivism in view of public anxiety and concerns.

A probation officer in charge of only Cho Doo-soon was appointed to conduct face-to-face management at least four times a week, and he decided to check his life by visiting Mr. Jo unexpectedly.

In addition, we have decided to apply for an order to the court to prohibit drinking more than a certain amount of alcohol and access to child protection facilities and to limit going out.