Cho Doo-soon, who had less than three months left from the prison, said, "I will return to Ansan and live quietly after being released."

It is known that he said this in an interview with psychological counselors at the Ansan Probation Office last July.

It is said that Cho Doo-soon's wife still lives in the Ansan address where Cho Doo-soon said he would return.

An official from the correctional authority said, "Cho Doo-soon's wife has affection and trust for her husband (Cho Doo-soon), and she is in a position to take good care of her husband so that it does not cause accidents."

In the midst of this, Cho Doo-soon's wife is known to have written a petition in the past stating, "My husband is a person who knows courtesy, and the groom has been cleaning and doing everything in the house for 20 years."

“Aside from drinking and wandering around, my heart and my family were truly peaceful,” he wrote, saying that the crime was because of alcohol.

Unlike the contents of his wife's petition, Doo-Soon Jo committed 17 criminal offenses, including assault, theft, and rape, and 11 crimes even during marriage.

In particular, Cho Doo-soon was sentenced to 12 years in prison for damaging the body after kidnapping an 8-year-old child in a bathroom in an shopping mall in Ansan-si, Gyeonggi-do in 2008.

There are also voices of concern that, "The house that Jo Doo-soon will return to and the residence of the victim in the past are still very close".

Cho Doo-soon, who is currently imprisoned in Pohang prison, will be released due in December.

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