The'Apologies for Delayed Delivery' texts released by Iksan courier operators are released online and are gaining sympathy from many.

Recently, in various online communities,'Apologies for Delayed Delivery' posted by Iksan CJ Logistics courier has been posted, attracting the interest of netizens.

According to an apology, nine courier workers this year after Corona 19 said that they were overworked due to excessive working hours, and they are still sorting parcels by standing for 5-6 hours without air conditioning at a work site approaching 40 degrees.

"I also go to work with fear of not knowing when I will die while working," he said. "I want to speak to the company for reducing working hours in order to live like a human. Asked for patience with explanation.

Currently, the delivery company's Iksan sales office and the delivery engineers belonging to the union are in conflict over the sorting process.

Delivery drivers arriving at the office's pick-up point must be sorted and delivered according to their area, but the courier drivers claim that the volume has increased before and after the Corona 19 incident, and that the sorting process takes a long time, which adds to the burden of work.

The Courier Workers' Overworked Workers' Countermeasures Committee and the National Courier Coalition Workers' Union also held a'delivery vehicle commemoration parade' in front of the Yeouido National Assembly in Seoul, urging to prepare measures for overworked delivery workers.

They said, "Even if the shipment volume is slightly disrupted during the Chuseok holiday, people should be prevented from dying." Appealed.

Local residents complained of the frustration of the delay in delivery, hoping to find a compromise in the near future, but are said to be supporting voices of support such as "It's okay if you're late. Be healthy" and "Please do good".

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(Photo = National Courier Union's Facebook, online community capture)