The government has decided to extend the second step of strengthened social distancing, the so-called '2.5 step', originally scheduled for tomorrow (6th), for another one week.

Although the number of new corona 19 confirmed cases, which once reached the 400 level, is gradually decreasing, it is interpreted as it is difficult to be sure that it has entered a certain stable state.

In particular, in the recent 2nd pandemic, the number of patients with gastric and severe illnesses has increased rapidly, and the number of deaths is also increasing, and the quarantine authorities are not releasing tensions.

In [Pick Q&A], we will analyze the underlying diseases of the corona19 deaths and look at the quarantine authorities' recommendations.

Q. Isn't Corona 19 infection itself the cause of death?

A. The CDC of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention of the United States said, "From February to August, 6% of all corona deaths were recorded as the cause of death in the US corona death certificate."

94% added that they had other causes of death at the same time, such as an underlying disease, which is the original disease.

Korea's central quarantine countermeasures headquarters also said, "It was confirmed that 97.9% of the dead had an underlying disease, that is, a chronic disease."

This is the result of analyzing 284 corona deaths in Korea from January to July 6, when Corona 19 was first reported.

The death toll without underlying disease was 1.8%, only 5.

Q. What are the underlying diseases?

A. Representative underlying diseases related to COVID-19 death compiled by the US CDC include influenza, pneumonia, respiratory failure, high blood pressure, diabetes, vascular dementia, cardiac arrest, heart failure, and kidney failure.

Q. Among the coronavirus confirmed patients in Korea, which underlying disease led to death?

A. According to the analysis of the headquarters for quarantine, circulatory system diseases ranked first with 76.14%.

Cardiovascular diseases include myocardial infarction, heart failure, stroke, and high blood pressure.

Corona deaths from underlying endocrine and metabolic diseases such as diabetes were ranked second with 47.2%.

Coronavirus infection 19 is precisely'respiratory syndrome caused by SARS-CoV-2 infection'.

22.2% of people died of corona from other respiratory-related diseases.

Q. Are all underlying diseases of the circulatory or endocrine system dangerous?

A. Older people with underlying diseases are the most dangerous.

The quarantine authorities warned that "the biggest factor in the risk of developing a stomach or severe disease when you have coronavirus is your age, that is, the older you are, the more dangerous it is."

The next is "if you have many chronic diseases such as kidney dialysis, high blood pressure, and diabetes."

Of the total deaths during that period, 92.97% (264 out of 284) were in their 60s.

There were 49.3% of deaths in their 80s and older, 29.23% in their 70s, and 14.44% in their 60s.

It has been analyzed that the fatality rate, which is the proportion of deaths among all coronavirus patients, increases with age.

The overall fatality rate was 2.16%, but the fatality rate in the 80s soared to 24.68%, 9.45% in the 70s and 2.38% in the 60s.

The fatality rate under 50s was less than 1%.

Q. So, if you don't have an underlying disease, it's less dangerous?

A. When the US CDC announced that "94% of corona deaths had an underlying disease," US President Donald Trump tweeted, saying, "There are only 6% of the deaths from Corona 19."

I wanted to say that corona is not dangerous for political purposes.

Twitter immediately deleted this article.

The US CDC warned, "Just because the deceased had an underlying disease does not mean that Corona 19 is not their primary cause of death."

Some people have lived with obesity, diabetes, heart disease, etc. for several years, but if they get COVID-19, they can die faster.

And it should not be forgotten that there are obvious cases of death from corona infection when other causes such as underlying disease are not clearly identified.

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