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lower part of the Seomjin River, which was heavily damaged by heavy rain last month, we are very worried about the news of a series of typhoons.

A lot of rain is forecast in Gokseong, Jeollanam-do, where the landslide damage has not been restored.

KBC reporter Choi Sun-gil, how is the situation?


Yes, this is Seongdeok Village in Osan-myeon, Gokseong-gun.

As the typhoon heads north, the rain falling down in Gokseong, the inland region of Jeollanam-do, is getting thicker.

This place where I am out is the site of an accident where 5 villagers died due to a landslide during a torrential rain last month.

I came here on the day of the accident, and it is dark now, so I can't see it well, but I still haven't cleaned up the soil that was poured out by the landslide at that time.

As the typhoon came up before the torrential rain damage was completely recovered, residents were unable to release tension.

The amount of torrential rain damage in Jeollanam-do is more than 400 billion won, centering on the eastern part of the Seomjin River, including Gokseong and Gurye and Gwangyang.

Typhoon Bobby passed without much damage, but Mysak is very worried because a strong rain and wind is forecast.

It has still rained around 20mm, but by tomorrow afternoon, it is expected to spray a lot of rain of up to 300mm in the eastern region of Jeollanam-do, and 100~200mm in Gwangju and Jeollanam-do.

In addition, as strong winds of over 40m per second are expected, farmers are especially worried about the fall of rice or falling fruits, and is anxious.

Local governments and agencies also maintained an emergency system while watching the situation, and especially cautioned not to damage facilities due to strong winds.

(Video coverage: Chang-Gun Jang KBC)