Reinforced social distancing was implemented, and today (31st), the first Monday, more companies are working from home, and many people have lunch delivered and eaten. So it was a day when the streets of Seoul were busier and less crowded than usual. The farther you are from other people, the farther you can be from the virus.

Reporter Park Jae-hyun will tell you the changed appearance.

<Reporter> A

restaurant in Yeouido, Seoul, it is busy even at lunchtime.

[Yeouido Restaurant President: You should see that (sales) decreased by as much as 80%. There are no guests. Since telecommuting has also increased, and he hasn't even come out (outside).] The

same goes for Gwanghwamun, where companies are concentrated.

The number of people working from home has increased, and even when they go to work, more people order and eat food delivered.

[Lunch box company representative: (packaging and delivery) increased a lot. It increased by one or two times.]

[Ji Young-Hyun/Worker: I think I tend to eat packed lunches or take out a lot. (How much percentage did you change to a lunch box?) Our staff? Everyone is eating that way now.] In

early May, when the distance in life was applied, even people who didn't wear a mask could easily be found, but today, even those who put the mask down on their chins are hard to see.

The franchise café, where you can't sit down and eat, was empty, but the packaging process continued.

[Rods Sup / workers (normally JPY) Cafe've also come to eat dessert stories (and will go to the office) it is to have no place to do that while implementation (putting distance) Step 2.5 If such day]

, the people, some stalls Cafe As this crowded, the distance becomes unclear.

[Please enter the minimum number of people and keep a distance of 1 meter or more.]

Bakery shops selling drinks such as coffee and cafes operated by individuals were crowded and crowded, and some had conversations without wearing masks.

Restaurants that have to close at 9 PM are a lot of concern.

[Im Dong-pyo/Eel restaurant owner: I tried it for one day yesterday, but after 7 o'clock, no customers come in. (There is no delivery or packaging) It is mainly for the evening business, but a lot of damage is expected.] Although

some worrisome scenes were noticed, most of them were cooperating with social distancing with the mindset of being a quarantine agent.  

(Video coverage: Hong Jong-su·Seol Min-hwan, video editing: Park Jeong-sam, VJ: Noh Jae-min)  

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