Prosecution's resignation has continued since the middle officials of the prosecution.

Following the officers who were missing from the promotion of the prosecutor, the line of prosecutors who received unwanted positions in this greeting is becoming a reality.

Lee Jae-seung, head of the Seoul Western District Prosecutor's Office, resigned on the morning of the 28th, saying, "Now I am about to end my prosecution life."

Prosecutor Lee investigated a case in which a civic group accused the president of the Roh Moo Hyun-dan, Yoo Si-min, for spreading false information on the YouTube broadcast ``Alileo'' in October last year, and was relegated to Suwon High Prosecutor's Office in this greeting.

In the novel'Watchman in the Rye Field', the prosecutor in charge cited the scene in which the protagonist explained his dream, "I did what I wanted to do (the prosecutor's life)."

Kim Se-han, head of the 2nd Detective Department at Suwon District Prosecutors' Office, also said in a resignation post today in Eprus that "the prosecution is leaving in a difficult time in many ways."

Prosecutor Kim investigated the case where Shincheonji victims accused General Chairman Lee Man-hee of fraud, and was appointed as the head of the Busan District Prosecutor's Office (Chonggyeongdan), an important economic crime investigation group, evaluated as a single job.

Incheon District Prosecutor's Office 2nd Division Chief Shin Seung-hee also said goodbye to Epros today, saying, "I am worried because my nature is stupid, and now I go back" and "I lacked a lot of ability to fulfill my vocation and mission as a prosecutor."

Shin, who was appointed as the human rights inspector for the Ulsan District Prosecutor's Office, resigned from this greeting.

Shin was shown to the Supreme Prosecutors' Office in July of last year after the inauguration of Prosecutor General Yoon Seok-yeol, but moved to the Incheon District Prosecutor's Office in January this year.

Jeonju District Prosecutor Jeongeup District Commissioner Kim Woo-seok, who criticized the Ministry of Justice's reorganization plan, also resigned to Eprus yesterday, saying, "If I go outside, I will talk about the prosecutor and the prosecution as they are."

Chief Kim said, "The prosecution is a state agency, and even though the vast majority of prosecutors work hard without selfishness, it hurts when the prosecution organization seems to be selfish."

Seven members were dismissed from their resignations, including Jeong Soon-shin, head of the Yongin branch of the Legal Affairs Training Institute, Chuncheon District Prosecutor General Lee Seon-wook, Bucheon District Prosecutor General Jeon Seong-won, Seoul Eastern District Prosecutor General Kim Nam-woo, Gwangju District Prosecutor's Office, Kim Young-ki, Gwangju District Prosecutor's Office, and Lee Kun-ryeong, Chief Public Security Investigation Support Division chief.

This weekend, the number of people with additional resignations may increase, so there is a fear of spreading it as a sign of a'line of death'.

(Photo = Yonhap News)