Amid the spread of Corona 19, the educational authorities have decided to stop attending kindergartens and elementary, middle and high schools in the metropolitan area and take remote classes until the 11th of next month. However, the high school 3 students made an exception. The authorities have allowed students and kindergarteners in need of care to go to school and go to school, but parents are bound to feel embarrassed and anxious.

This is Han Ji-yeon.

<Reporter> The

reason that the Ministry of Education decided to switch to distance classes equivalent to the 3rd step of social distancing was based on the judgment that the spread of Corona 19 in the metropolitan area was not serious.

[Yoo Eun-Hye/Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Education: To overcome the current national crisis situation, we will preemptively take the strongest action available in the second step of social distancing… .]

However, with the exception of high school 3 who had 100 days before the SAT as of today (25th), they were allowed to attend school according to the academic schedule.
[High school 3rd student: If the college entrance (examination date) itself is unclear, and even the end of it is not exactly decided... (SAT) It's really hard to put off. A lot.] The

problem is that as soon as the second semester begins, it is replaced by distance classes again, which can worsen the decline in academic ability of students who lack the ability to study on their own.

[Parents: I'm very worried about the educational gap. In the case of private schools, they are already going out every day. (Already) I'm thinking I'll go ahead... .]

Right now, even dual-income parents have an emergency.

[Double-income parents A: There are many parts that the child cannot solve alone through remote classes alone. Mom can't go to work and must keep it.]

I've already used up all the caregiving leave so I can't do this or that.

[Double-income parent B: It is a situation that cannot be left to (to the parents) anymore, so we have to send it all. First and second.] The

Ministry of Education is planning to provide emergency care services for dual-income households and the vulnerable, but there are cases in which children cannot be entrusted due to different circumstances such as budgets for each school.

[Ministry of Education officials: Now, there may be schools that do not have a little capacity for each school. Then, in some cases, it is difficult to provide the care.] When the

third stage of distancing is actually issued, the schedule change for the exam will be reviewed, which will increase the confusion in the education field.

(Video coverage: Jeong Seong-hwa, video editing: Park Jin-hoon, VJ: Shin So-young)