397 new confirmed cases of coronavirus. The number of confirmed patients a day has surpassed 100 again, and it is the 10th day today (23rd), and it continues to increase. Even if a car is stepping on the brakes, the brakes do not immediately apply to social distancing as if it goes a long way and stops. Rather, secondary and tertiary infections continue to occur from those who have already been infected before that time and those who went out to the Gwanghwamun rally on the 15th. So, the head of the general manager Eun-kyung Jung appealed today to be nervous because 397 people are the peak, not the vertex, and the number will continue to increase. First, let’s start with today’s situation and general summary.

This is Park Chan-beom reporter.

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397 new confirmed cases are domestic, except for 10 from overseas.

In Seoul, Gyeonggi, and Incheon, 294 people came out only in the metropolitan area, and the number of confirmed cases in non-metropolitan areas increased by 17 from yesterday to 100.

Among the new confirmed cases, a third of the elderly people in their 60s or older are on the rise, and the number of patients with gastric and severe diseases is on the rise.

The number of confirmed cases is also a problem, but the so-called black-and-white transmission of which the route of infection is unknown has reached 20%, and quarantine control has been put to the test.

[Yoon Tae-ho/Ministry of Health and Welfare Public Health Policy Officer: It is judged as a very precarious situation that is standing on the threshold of a full-fledged re-emergence not only in the metropolitan area but also nationwide.] As the

re-proliferation of Corona 19 is not so serious, the government is putting social distancing from today 2 The situation where the step measures have been expanded nationwide.

Following the metropolitan area, 12 high-risk facilities including clubs and entertainment bars in the non-metropolitan area, singing practice rooms, PC cafes, and large academies have been suspended for two weeks.

However, the number of confirmed cases is likely to increase for the time being, as it takes at least one week for the effect of the second-stage expansion of distance to take effect.

[Jeong Eun-kyung/Director of Disease Control: Nearly 400 confirmed cases. We are not currently seeing this as a peak. It is expected that this could increase further.] With

some local governments mandating the wearing of indoor and outdoor masks, there is a possibility that this measure will be expanded nationwide.

(Video coverage: Kim Min-cheol, video editing: Park Ji-in, CG: Choi Jin-hoe, Lee Yu-jin)