"Last month, the beach was opened on the 7th day of business this summer..."

Seven beaches in Busan will be closed from midnight on the night of the 20th. 

In addition to the metropolitan area, this is a measure for Busan City to raise its social distancing to the second stage. 

Accordingly, Haeundae Beach, one of Busan's representative tourist destinations, will be closed early since it opened on the 1st of last month and closed on the 31st, 11 days before. 

It is known that this is the first time Haeundae Beach has been closed early since it opened.
The Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries issued a quarantine guide to each local government last month to stop the operation of beaches if the central disaster and safety countermeasure headquarters raises social distancing to the second stage.

The city of Incheon, an area subject to the government's second-stage distance, has already stopped operating beaches. 

As the coronavirus spreads seriously, it is known that other local governments, such as the East Coast region, are also considering whether to close the beaches early. 

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