Yesterday (19th), 18 high school students including 17 high school students were confirmed at a college entrance examination academy in Seoul. It was an academy near Sarangjeil Church. In addition to this, high schools across the country have been infected with students and faculty, creating an environment in which high school students cannot concentrate.

This is reporter Song In-ho.

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is a high school in Seoul. One high school student at this school was confirmed on the 17th, and other students who contacted this student were also known to have tested positive.

[Samgaksan High School 3rd grade: School teachers were also self-isolated. I have no mind. I only have two weeks of vacation, but because the test results come out today (I'm waiting.)] At a

college entrance examination academy in Seongbuk-gu near Sarangjeil Church, a bunch of 18 high school students were tested positive.

Among the confirmed cases, it is known that 17 high-school 3rd students who are preparing for the physical examination for physical education are included.

With the number of confirmed students and teachers approaching 100 in the last 8 days, mainly in the metropolitan area, the Ministry of Education put a brake on the non-metropolitan area, which was trying to increase the number of days to attend school.

[Yoo Eun-hye/Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Education: Even outside the metropolitan area, I ask you to join us in reducing the school density to at least two-thirds.]

High school students preparing for the SAT and occasional examinations are only anxious.

[Preparing from time to time High school 3 student: I just had to start writing a self-help book, so I have to communicate with my school teacher, but I can't communicate... .]

Experts ordered a thorough preparation from the authorities, saying that a mock test for the assessor next month must be taken to reduce the uncertainty of the entrance exam.