You will remember a 9-year-old girl from Changnyeong who escaped the abuse in June with bare feet. At that time, the girl was confessed that she was harmed by the warmth of a meal at a convenience store, but this time in Mapo-gu, Seoul, a 10-year-old girl was assaulted by her mother and went to a convenience store with bare feet and asked for help.

Reporter Jeong Ban-seok reports.


A barefoot girl jumps into a convenience store in Mapo-gu, Seoul around 10 am on the 7th.

A 10-year-old Ms. A, who is bleeding badly on her messy head, asked for help, saying her mother was drunk and strangled her head.

A convenience store employee who hastily wiped the child's nosebleed, along with another customer, calmed the child and reported it to the police.

[Seonja Yang/Convenience store employee: I had a nosebleed, so I couldn't speak. It was a shame to be a blank and run barefoot because their house was across the street, and that they ran barefoot all the way across the road.] A

9-year-old Changnyeong girl, who escaped the abuse of her parents in June, risked her life and escaped a hungry boat. It was also a convenience store where the victims were told about the damage after filling, and this time, it also served as a kind of'child abuse shelter'.

[Kim Si-yeon/GS Retail Communication Team Deputy Director: (National Convenience Store) I will do so well so that abused children can be protected and safely handed over to the police.]

On the day of the incident, both mother A was said to have been drunk and went home, but when she saw a child looking at a cell phone, she was angry and hit her.

The police who have adopted A's mother will soon meet with Ms. A who are being protected at a child welfare facility to investigate the damage.