Saturday in Aveyron, a forty-something was arrested by the gendarmes while she was driving at 137 km / h instead of 80, and with a blood alcohol level twice the limit. Far from being dismantled, she then said that she was an anti-terrorism magistrate in Paris. A big lie that could cost him dearly.

On the roads, while the controls against speeding are reinforced during this period of multiple crossroads, some motorists are not lacking in imagination when they are caught red-handed. Last Saturday, near Rodez, in Aveyron, a driver in her forties who was driving drunk and much too fast did not hesitate to tell a big lie to the gendarmes in an attempt to escape the sanction. But that did not work.

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137 km / h instead of 80. The radar is categorical. The gendarmes immediately stop the driver, who blows into the breathalyzer: she has more than twice the authorized limit. But while his license is being shattered, the motorist does not disassemble. To try to escape the sanction, she announces to the gendarmes that she is an anti-terrorist magistrate, just that.

"She presented herself as an anti-terrorist judge at the Paris anti-terrorism prosecution, then as a consultant to the Rodez prosecution, then over the versions as a simple interpreter at the Rodez prosecution and in fact she was none of that", details adjutant Joël Thiriet, who commands the Vézins-de-Lévézou brigade. "My colleagues there checked, made a few phone calls, and investigators realized that she had made up this whole thing."

"You should not play with the gendarmes. Especially those from Aveyron"

"As a reminder, this is the first time that we have someone who presents himself as an anti-terrorist magistrate", continues the soldier. "We did not fall for the trap, not at all. We must not play with the gendarmes. Especially those of Aveyron," he smiles.  

Result for the affabulator: license suspended and custody for "theft of title". Once recognized her big lie, the driver was brought before a real magistrate of the Rodez public prosecutor's office who sent her back to correctional, where she will be tried in November.