Bentley has expanded the range of the Bentayga upgraded in June with the so-called Speed ​​version. This version has a 635 hp twelve-cylinder engine and can be recognized by different bumpers at the front and rear.

In addition, the design of the 22-inch wheels is also reserved for the Bentayga Speed. Dark headlight housings and a dark grille are the other landmarks.

Customers can choose from a minimum of 17 exterior colors and 47 shades for the leather on the inside.

Despite a vehicle weight of over 2,300 kilos, the Bentayga Speed ​​accelerates to 100 kilometers per hour in 3.9 seconds and has a top speed of 306 kilometers per hour. To reduce fuel consumption somewhat, the engine is equipped with cylinder deactivation. As a result, not all cylinders participate when little power is required.

Figures about the consumption and price of the Bentayga Speed ​​have not yet been published. The outgoing model cost almost 290,000 euros.

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