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"Arrested for wearing a thong as a mask ." This is how John McAfee has summed up on Twitter his detention for a few hours at a Norwegian airport on Monday. The technology mogul, founder of the well-known antivirus that bears his name, was preparing to make a trip back to Germany when at a security check they demanded that he change his particular mask, made with women's lingerie, for another certified against the coronavirus . "I refused, there was a fight, they jailed me . "

McAfee, 74, refused to wear another type of mask "for the sake of my health": "I insist that it is the safest thing available to me and I refuse to use anything else." He himself tweeted the details live and then, once arrested, his wife took over.

"I'll monitor John's account until he escapes (standard method), bribes someone (very quickly, could be out in a few hours), hires the right lawyer (it will take a few days), or becomes the director of the jail, in whose case we will have to expel him, "he said.

Conspiracy theories and champagne

Janice McAfee , John's wife, was also held in one of the airport lounges, but that did not stop her from taking her husband's cell phone and continuing to spread the word about what happened. That thong-mask was the one for John because, he said, "it doesn't recycle exhaled carbon dioxide."

Conspiracy theory dictates that with the usual masks you breathe your own CO2. Hence, the antivirus founder's wife believed that "he was arrested for his beliefs . "

She also added that McAfee had managed to send her champagne while she was being held in the airport lounge. "John is the only person I know who can get you champagne while he's in custody!"

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