Former lawmaker Son Hye-won, who was handed over to the trial due to suspicion of purchasing a second name in Mokpo real estate, the court sentenced to the first trial today (12th). Who is the real owner of'Changseongchang' and whether the contents of the urban regeneration project can be viewed as private data seems to be innocent.

Reporter Lee Hyun-young reports.

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Seoul Southern District Law is holding the first trial sentence for former lawmaker Son Hye-won and assistant Aide, who were charged with violating the Anti-Corruption Act at 2 pm today.

Rep. Sohn was aware of the Mokpo City Urban Regeneration Project plan in May 2017, and until January last year, in the name of his nephew and acquaintances, all of the 26 lots of land and 21 buildings in the project area were worth 1.4 billion won. You are accused of buying it.

In addition, he is also charged with holding a second name for the'Changseng' guesthouse in Mokpo under the name of his nephew.

The prosecution said, "Rep. Son and his assistant used his position to receive private development data from Mokpo City Hall and the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, and used it to buy real estate." I have been asking for it.

However, Congressman Son confronted that the project in Mokpo City was already reported by the media, so it was not a private security data.

Changsaeng also denies that it will return all of its assets to the national treasury if the suspicion of possession of a vehicle name turns out to be true.

In a situation where the arguments of both sides are sharply mixed, it seems that whether the court will recognize the confidentiality of the data secured by Congressman Sohn will determine the fate of Congressman Son.