Current affairs critic Koh Hyun-jun's news starts on Wednesday. What is the first news today (12th)?

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Mauritius, where an environmental emergency was declared due to the worst oil spill accident, the people even donated hair to protect the sea.

The emerald sea turned black. On the 25th of last month, a Japanese cargo ship from China to Brazil was stranded on the southeast coast of Mauritius, and oil spills began on the 6th.

Nearly 4,000 tons of heavy oil were loaded on the ship, of which 1,180 tons of fuel tanks were known to have been damaged.

Coral reefs spread widely in the vicinity of the ship's aground, and rare endangered creatures such as water birds live.

As a result, the Prime Minister of Mauritius declared an environmental emergency on the 7th, and many Mauritius citizens, including students and environmental activists, began decontamination.

Not a few people even cut their hair and donate, because the hair of animals like hair is known to be effective in adsorbing oil in water.

To this end, hairdressers across Mauritius have also provided free haircuts. The oil spill has now stopped, but observations that the ship could be split in half makes it impossible to rule out the possibility of further spills.


Wouldn't we have similar experiences in Taean? It would be great if we could regain the shape of a healthy sea like Taean as soon as possible without additional spillage. Please tell me the next news.

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Liberation Day after three days. However, it is pointed out that measures are needed as it has been confirmed that most of the famous online shopping malls in Korea are selling Japanese Kamikaze-related products.

Kamikaze is a Japanese military commando who made suicide attacks by driving bomb-equipped planes during World War II.

Seo Kyung-deok, a professor at Sungshin Women's University, surveyed 24 famous online shopping malls in Korea ahead of the 75th anniversary of independence. As a result, 18 were selling Kamikaze-related T-shirts, hats, and shoes.

Some products had the term Kamikaze printed on it, and model toys reminiscent of fighter jets used by Kamikaze Commandos in the past were also sold.

These products were mainly sold as an overseas purchase agency, but even so, it is pointed out that the shopping mall should have properly verified the products.

Professor Seo said that when he found products that were made without knowing the exact meaning of Kamikaze all over the world, he sent an e-mail to correct them.However, he said that it was a big shock because it was sold in several domestic shopping malls. Said.


There must have been people who sold them and some people didn't know, but I hope you know this opportunity. Please give us the next news.

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This is the last news today. Amid racial discrimination controversy over graduation photos of a high school student in Korea, taken in black makeup, voices are voiced that racism-related education is needed in public education.

Yesterday, a petition was posted on the Blue House National Petition Bulletin, saying,'I want education on racism to be dealt with in more detail in the public education process.

The petitioner pointed out that the students thought that their behavior was wrong, but that they'didn't'. The bigger problem was that the school should have taught and led that such behavior, whether it is a teacher or a fellow student, was wrong. .

The controversy began at Uijeongbu High School, which became a hot topic with a unique graduation photo, when some students paroed the popular Ghanaian Crown Boys on the Internet.

Criticism has also been raised on social media as being racist over photographs of students with black paint on their faces imitating black bonuses.

A Ghanaian broadcaster, Sam Ochwiri, also apologized for revealing displeasure in the photo, and as a result, it was pointed out that the perception of racial discrimination in Korean society should be addressed.