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Huawei will stop producing its own brand of Kirin processors, which it uses in most of its current smartphones and tablets, and will stop manufacturing them on September 15 due to the United States sanctions, which prohibit the collaboration of US companies from chips with Huawei.

During an innovation event held in the Chinese city of Shenzhen last Friday, Huawei Consumer CEO Yu Chengdong announced that the company's next high-end mobile, the Mate40 series, will be the last to make use of processors. Kirin from Huawei, as reported by the Asian media Caixin.

Mate40 will employ a Kirin 9000 processor with 5G support, as Yu claimed. This chip, manufactured by the Taiwanese company Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. (better known by its acronym TSMC), uses American technology.

As of September 15, Huawei will no longer be able to use the technologies it used to develop and manufacture its Kirin chips due to the entry into force of new sanctions established by the United States in May, which prevent US companies from collaborating with Huawei without a special license. Yu has valued it as a "huge loss" for Huawei.

Since May 2019, with the inclusion of Huawei in the List of United States Entities, the Chinese company was prohibited from doing business with American companies. This prevented the devices launched by Huawei and Honor after this moment from having Google services and compatibility with their apps.

However, devices released since then have continued to use Huawei's own family of processors, Kirin, which is present in most of Huawei's phones and tablets and its Honor brand today.

Last May, Huawei began manufacturing its first fully developed processors for smartphones with Chinese technology, with entry-level models and 14-nanometer architecture produced by the Chinese company Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation (SMIC).

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