Typhoon Rose, which landed yesterday (10th), sprayed 140mm of rain in Jeonnam, rather than Gyeongnam. Before the scars of the heavy rain were healed, the road collapsed due to the torrential rain caused by another typhoon, and the victims lost their words.

Reporter Lee Sang-hwan of KBC reports.

<Reporter> As

if being struck by a bomb, a 100-meter riverside road collapsed.

The road railings bent like a malt, and a large puddle formed in the middle of the collapsed road.

Even if it did not, the water of the Seomjin River, which was swollen by heavy rains, accelerated to the flow rate due to typhoons and torrential rains, cutting the ground under the road.

[Park Bong-Chun/Daab-myeon, Gwangyang-si, Jeollanam-do: The water of the Seomjin River went down and the soil was drained away, so it settled down. You fell here after a car.]

Even in Gurye, which has turned into an underwater city, heavy rain from the typhoon'Rose' poured all day long.

I take out the house and dry it out of the muddy water, but I only sigh from the rain.

[Gimyeonsim / Jeonnam gurye county guryeeup: no words to -memorize which I do not know how come does not make sense but you'll also, of course disaster assistance should say -

was sol means.- I weigh mind all day, the news coming from the disconnected status to water and electricity from the storm Gurye Oilfield merchants only resent the sky through holes.

[Neighboring mart store manager/Gurye-eup, Gurye-gun, Jeollanam-do: On the 5th, water started coming up in the market. Suddenly, the dam bursts and hits up. I have oil spilled from a gas station. I can't use it, because it smells. First, the products are removed and disposed of. (To resume business) It will take two or three months.]

Typhoon'Rose' passed through Busan to the East Coast, but left a lot of scratches on the exhausted flood victims in Gwangju and Jeonnam.