Although this typhoon is small, it is expected that it will spray a lot of rain of up to 250mm with a very strong wind. As the ground has weakened a lot due to the long rainy season, it seems necessary to prepare for typhoons more than ever.

This is reporter Ahn Young-in. 

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is the appearance of Typhoon No. 5,'Rose', rapidly moving north from the southern seas of Jeju Island.

From the center, strong winds of 19 meters per second and 68 km per hour are blowing, and the radius of the strong wind is 240 km.

Typhoon Rose, currently passing about 350km south of Seogwipo, is expected to pass through the eastern sea of ​​Jeju Island in the morning of today (10th) and land on the coast near Tongyeong, Gyeongsangnam-do around 3 pm, and then penetrate the Yeongnam region.

As the typhoon went north, a typhoon advisory was issued in all the seas of Jeju Island and in the far seas east of the southern sea, and the special report is expected to gradually expand.

As the typhoon penetrates the Yeongnam region, a strong rain and wind is expected across the country today.

Estimated precipitation is 50~150mm in Chungcheong and southern regions by tomorrow, and some places exceed 250mm↑.

In addition, in Seoul, Gyeonggi and Gangwon regions, rain is expected to exceed 30 to 120 mm.

In particular, gusts of up to 90 km/h will blow in southern Gangwon, inland and southern areas of Chungcheong, which are close to the center of the typhoon.

The Meteorological Administration called for thorough preparation to avoid damage, saying that the time when the typhoon approaches and the high tide period on the south coast are expected to cause a tsunami or flooding in the lowlands.