Over 500mm of rain fell on many places for two days in the southern region. There are not one or two places that have been submerged and collapsed since the Hwagae Marketplace, the symbol of the Seomjin River, and a memorial center in Gwangju was also submerged.

Reporter Park Jae-hyun, news of rain damage during the night.


A memorial in Gwangju Metropolitan City. Even in the early morning hours, 30 people are working together to pump water.

[I can see the remains (on the top). There was no water in the compartment. The people down

here .] These are the families who have enshrined the ashes here, and it was raining and the enthronment was submerged in water.

[Anchi family of ashes: I'm taking a gourd or a trash can or a bucket, and standing in a row and pouring water out, right now. (By the way) I can only dig one stairway.]


Firefighters are lying down and passing a bridge under a submerged road.

Yesterday (8th), around 2pm, a nursing hospital in Naju, Jeollanam-do was reported to be isolated and was dispatched.

They rescued 31 people, including the elderly and employees with reduced mobility.

--- The

heavy rain in the southern region caused damage in various places.

In 32 years, the Hwagae Market in Hadong, Gyeongnam, near the Seomjin River, which is completely covered with water, has become indistinguishable from where the river is and where the land is.

About 100 meters of the bank of the Seomjin River near Geumgok Bridge, Ban-myeon, Namwon-si, Jeollabuk-do, collapsed, and hundreds of residents were evacuated.

As the Yongdam Dam in Jinan, Jeollabuk-do began discharging from yesterday morning, three villages in Yeongdong-gun, Chungbuk, were flooded, causing more than 300 residents to evacuate.

The Ministry of Public Administration and Security said that since the 1st, 30 people have died, 12 have been missing, and 8 have been injured.

(Video coverage: Kim Hyung-su KBC, video editing: Park Ji-in, screen provided: Na, and Lee In-tae)