Let's see the situation in Seoul. There is currently a heavy rain warning, but I will call a reporter who is on the Han River Submersible Bridge to find out the detailed situation.

Reporter Han So-hee, The water level behind Jamsu Bridge seems to have dropped a lot. Is it still raining a lot?

<Reporter> At

Jamsu Bridge where I am out, it rained overnight and then stopped repeatedly, and the rain started getting thicker again from around 7:30, two hours ago.

The water level of the Jamsu Bridge, which recorded the highest 11.5m on the 7th day on the 7th, gradually lowered and went down to the 6.7m range this morning, but it has been raining steadily and the water level has risen to about 7m now.

As it continues to rain in the metropolitan area and rain of up to 500mm is forecast in Seoul, it will take some time before the water level drops below 6.2m, which is the standard for vehicle control of the submersible bridge.


Still, the road control has been loosened a bit?

<Reporter> As the

water level of the Han River fell yesterday, road controls that caused severe traffic congestion in downtown Seoul were mostly lifted, and major roads in Seoul such as Olympic Highway, Gangbyeonbuk-ro, and Dongbu Arterial Road have resumed traffic.

However, traffic to the Jamsu Bridge and Gaehwayuk Lock Gate to Olympic Highway is still restricted.

As heavy rain was forecast in the central region, Seoul City issued the second stage of disaster countermeasures from 10:30 last night and began working as an emergency.

The trails around rivers such as Jungnangcheon and the trails such as Yongmasan are closed due to concerns about landslides.

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