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Hwagae Market in Hadong, Gyeongnam, on the stem of the Seomjin River was also hit directly by the flood. In Gurye, Jeollanam-do, virtually the 
entire town was submerged in muddy water. When people were in a hurry, the remaining cows escaped from the roof like this.

This is Kim Ki-tae.

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Hwagae Market in Hadong, Gyeongnam and the nearby villages were all flooded.

As the water drained after a day, a truly miserable appearance emerged.

All the store shelves have turned into mud.

[Yoo-gon Yoo/Gyeongnam Ha Dong-gun: I want to go somewhere and cry loudly. I can't blame anyone, I can't say anything, and I want to go somewhere and cry so that my throat is choked.]

There are over 300 flooded buildings such as Hwagae Marketplace and nearby shopping malls.

The damage is so great that it will take quite a while to recover.

As the bank of Seosicheon, the stem of the Seomjin River, burst, the entire Gurye-eup was submerged.

The muddy water that had filled up the roof of the building fell in one day, but the base of life became a large field in an instant.

[Park Mi-ja/Gurye-eup, Gurye-gun, Jeollanam-do: It hurts so much. I can't express how. Because the damage is so covered.] About

400 pampered cattle were also killed.

The cows that floated in the water and took refuge on the roof of a barn or house were in a situation where they could not go or go.

[Namsuk Paik/Livestock farmer: I have to drop the cows quickly. The cows were exhausted and angry. It went up from yesterday.] As a

typhoon in Jeollanam-do, which was devastated by a water bomb, is predicted, the troubles of the flood victims are deepening.