Be warned about ghost drivers in Flitsmeister, a new alternative to the popular video app TikTok, and experience adventures in Guardian Tales . These are the Apps of the Week.


You may already be using Flitsmeister to get from A to B without penalty, but the navigation app will now also warn against wrong-way drivers. The app, made in the Netherlands, works together with technology company Bosch.

The new alarm system is simple. As soon as Flitsmeister notices that you deviate from the direction of travel, you will receive a warning that you are driving wrong. Drivers around you are also informed of the potentially dangerous situation.

Flitsmeister checks on the basis of your current position on the road whether you are still driving in the right direction. The purpose of the warning is to prevent accidents.

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Instagram Reels

Instagram has launched an attack on TikTok, the wildly popular app for creating and watching short, often comical videos. Since last week you can make so-called Reels in Instagram.

You make the maximum six-second videos under the camera button in Instagram. After you shoot the short video, make it even more flashy with all kinds of effects and animations, such as moving stickers.

Then you share the Instagram Reels with your Insta followers through your profile. Would you rather have the Reels automatically disappear after 24 hours? Then only add the Reels to your Story. If you do add Reels to your Instagram profile, they may end up in the Discover tab of the app and reach millions of audiences.

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Guardian Tales

Guardian Tales feels like a warm bath for fans of Japanese role-playing games (RPGs). The game of Korean origin has been available worldwide since last week and takes you to a world full of adventure, challenging puzzles and dark caves.

The story is wonderfully cliché, but no less fun. Kanterbury, the world in which Guardian Tales is set, is under attack by enemies of the kingdom. It is up to you to save the world from destruction: for that you are a Guardian, or protector.

As you progress through the immersive storyline, you will not only build your own character, but you will also have the opportunity to recruit team members. These help you defeat tough enemies. As befits a good RPG, you can equip your character with new weapons and stronger equipment.

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