After two days of torrential rain, the discharge of the Seomjin River Dam began, and dozens of residents in Imsil, Jeollabuk-do, were isolated from the village.

According to the Yeongsan River Flood Control Office, the water level of the Seomjin River Dam reached 196.77m, which is close to the planned flood level of 197.7m, and the water gate opened and discharged from 6:30 this morning.

With the opening of the water gate, the water level of the rivers in the area rose at once, and the roads in the villages around the river were cut off, leaving residents in isolation.

The Deokchi-myeon Office announced that as of 10 am today, 63 residents, including 27 residents of Gudam Village, 30 residents of Jangsan Village, and 6 residents of Muluri Village, are in isolation.

Here, 18 tourists who stayed at Gudam Village Pension and B&B were also said to have been isolated because they could not escape.

The floodgates of the Seomjin River Dam continue to be discharged, and 242.5mm of heavy rain is pouring in the Imsil area from yesterday to this morning, and the flood damage is expected to increase further.

(Photo = Yonhap News)