The operation of the KTX general train between Iksan and Yeosu Expo Station on the Jeolla Line, which was stopped due to heavy rain that swept the southern region, was resumed from today (9th).

KORAIL announced that the Jeolla Line, which had been suspended from 10 am yesterday due to flooding of the track and the influx of soil, has completed safety inspections after overnight restoration work and can be operated.

The outbound line resumed operation from Yongsan Station at 5:10 am, the first KTX train, and the upbound line at Yeosu Expo Station at 6:20 am, starting from Mugunghwa.

The timing of restarting the remaining six routes, including the Gyeongjeon Line, Taebaek Line, Yeongdong Line, Chungbuk Line, and Gwangju Line, which were suspended due to heavy rains, has not been decided yet.