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rainy season will continue for a while. It will rain a lot throughout the country until the day after tomorrow (10th).

Reporter Jeong Goo-hee will tell you where the rainy season front that brings rain moves in the future, and when typhoon No. 5'Rose' is coming to Korea.

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rainy season front, which developed long from east to west, has rained a lot from yesterday, mainly in the southern regions.

The place marked in red is the place where more than 200mm of rain fell. Record heavy rain of 545mm in Sunchang, Jeollanam-do, 542mm in Damyang, Jeollanam-do, 421mm in Hadong, Gyeongnam, and 163mm in Seocheon, Chungcheongnam-do.

As the rainy season front gradually moves north, the rain in the central region is getting stronger and stronger.

Currently, the heavy rain warning has been expanded to most regions of the country, including the metropolitan area.

In particular, strong torrential rain is expected in the southern regions until dawn tomorrow, and in the central region from tonight to the morning of the day after tomorrow.

In the southern regions, it is expected to rain more than 50 to 100 mm in Jeonbuk and Gyeongbuk and 150 mm in the south coast of Gyeongnam.

In the metropolitan area, Gangwon and Chungcheong, it is expected to rain 100~300mm by tomorrow, but it seems that there will be more than 500mm locally.

Typhoon No. 5'Rose' is also a problem.

It is expected that the tropical low pressure section on the Philippine coast will come up to Korea and affect the day after tomorrow.

From now on, pay special attention to landslides and flood damage.

If you feel any abnormal signs such as sudden water rising from the slope or a loud noise, you should evacuate immediately.

In the event of flood or flooding, evacuate to the highest possible place, but be sure to move away from rivers, rivers, construction sites, slopes, and gravel roads.

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