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corona situation was confirmed by another 30 people in Korea yesterday (7th). Infection is spreading especially in churches. After a daycare teacher got caught in a church, it happened to pass the corona to their children.

This is Nam Joo-hyun.

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number of confirmed cases related to Banseok Church in Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do increased by 8 to 16 in total.

In addition to the congregation and 4 members of their family, the other 4 are the director and teacher of the nearby daycare center and 2 children.

Yesterday, the confirmed congregation was a teacher at this daycare center, so after a full checkup at the daycare center, four people were found.

Health officials pointed out that wearing masks in daycare centers was insufficient.

Three more confirmed cases related to Joy 153 Church in Goyang City also came out.

Elgolin Bio, which the pastor of this church belongs to, has been to a multi-level business in Gangnam, Seoul.

In the course of an epidemiological investigation, the fact that the participants of a small group of missions in Seoul were confirmed at a time difference was also revealed.

The couple who attended the small group on the 19th of last month were confirmed one after another on the 22nd and 23rd, but another participant and their family were confirmed on the 4th.

The couple who were confirmed earlier did not confide to the epidemiological investigator that they were attending the religious group, so they found additional cases late.

[Kwon Jun-wook/President of the National Institute of Health: Considering that it was discovered after 14 days, the longest incubation period, there are concerns that the connection is continuing.]

The health authorities said that the situation is similar to the corona19 epidemic in the metropolitan area in May and June, and that if the epidemic continues, it will review measures to strengthen quarantine.

(Video coverage: Park Dong-ryul · Kim Min-cheol, video editing: Choi Hye-young)