A herd of cows is attracting attention while evacuating from the Seomjin River flood to the sandstone rock of 531m above sea level. 

About 1 pm on the 8th, about 10 cows appeared in Saseongam, Muncheok-myeon, Gurye-gun, Jeollanam-do. The cows gathered in the front yard of Daeungjeon to eat and take a rest.

Whether they know this is a temple or not, they looked quiet without anyone running or crying.

These cows appear to have escaped together when the barn was flooded.

This is because the Gurye Seosicheon embankment collapsed and Songjeong-ri, the land-myeon, flooded all over the place.

In Gurye, over 300mm of heavy rain fell from the previous day to the morning of this day.

A herd of cattle was also seen on the Ganjeon-myeon road, but it has not been confirmed whether the herds were scattered or whether these cows had evacuated the long way from Ganjeon-myeon to Muncheok-myeon.
An official from Saseongam said, "It seems to have escaped the water from the village below. It takes an hour to climb to the mountain, but how the cows got here was curious and pitiful."

The official explained, "The owner of the cow came to Saseongam about an hour after being contacted by other residents and took a rest from the temple to take the cows, and then left."