Disney, Nickelodeon parent company Viacom and a number of other companies have reached a settlement in a case regarding the collection of children's data through apps and games, Law360 reports Thursday. The companies promise to collect less data from children.

The media companies agreed to restrictions on advertising and data collection in apps primarily aimed at children. These restrictions apply specifically to six apps, but can affect thousands of other apps and games.

American Amanda Rushing went to court last year, as many Nickelodeon and Disney mobile games collected her child's data. This data was used to show targeted advertisements.

The lawsuit is a so-called class action, or group claim, in which several parents could join. According to the parents, the companies broke the law because they never explicitly asked for permission to collect their children's data.

The parents call the settlement an "excellent result". According to them, the settlement causes some minor changes, but they affect "fundamental principles". This concerns the restriction of the collection and use of children's data and the setting of stricter requirements.

In addition, the parents say that the restrictions for these six apps can be used as a means of coercion against the makers of thousands of other apps and games.

The companies have not yet responded to the settlement.