Search is ongoing to find the missing person today (7th), the second day of the Chuncheon Uiamho accident where three ships were turned over and one was killed and five were missing. While the search has been extended to the Haengju Bridge in Seoul, no further rescue news has been heard.

Reporter Im Tae-woo reports.

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search authorities found a police ship among three ships overturned at the Uiam Dam near Gapgang Bridge in Gapyeong, Gyeonggi Province, around 11:20 am today.

It is known that two people were on board the police ship at the time of the accident.

The biggest obstacle in the search for missing persons yesterday was the rapid flow of the North Korean river.

Although the amount of discharge at the Soyang River Dam has been reduced by 25%, the search is difficult because the flow rate is still fast and there is a slight mist.

Today, we cooperated with neighboring areas such as Seoul and Gyeonggi to expand the search range from Uiam Dam to Haengju Bridge in Seoul.

The Cheongpyeong Dam and Paldang Dam are both open, so missing persons can be found in the Hangang area of ​​Seoul.

About 1,400 people including police, firefighting, and civil servants were put in, and more than 100 equipment including helicopters and boats were mobilized.

The missing family and the bereaved family said they could not believe the police investigation and the incidents that have been disclosed so far, and demanded that CCTV and the recording of the incident be made public.

[Family victim: Can you talk so plainly? I can't give you any evidence... .]

The accident occurred yesterday at about 11:00 am when three ships, including a police ship trying to fix artificial plants and an administrative ship in Chuncheon City Hall, sank.

Eight have been drowned, two have been rescued so far, and one has been found dead 13km from the accident.