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day dawned, the search for missing persons in the accident at the Uam Dam in Chuncheon has resumed. Five people are still missing. Let's connect reporters on site.

Reporter Shin Geon of G1 Please tell us the current situation.


I am now at the Gyeonggang Bridge in Chuncheon where the countermeasure headquarters is installed.

The police and fire departments are busy here to find the missing.

The search will resume from a little earlier, at 6 am, and the search for missing persons will also accelerate.

Currently, about 20 hours have passed since the accident.

As the water inflow decreases during the night, the Uiam Dam currently discharges about 6,000 tons of water per second.

Dive into the diver is still difficult because the flow rate is still high and there is a light mist in the morning and the rain is falling.

Until yesterday, we searched for 950 people and 100 equipment in the 50km section from Uiam Dam to Cheongpyeong Dam at the accident site.

However, the official search ended at 9:00 p.m. without finding any missing persons.

The accident occurred yesterday when the police ships trying to fix artificial plants and the administrative ships of Chungcheong City Hall sank around 11 am.

All eight people fell into the water.

So far, two people have been rescued, and one has been found dead 13 km from the accident.

Five people are still missing.

The police and the fire department continue their extensive search today on the second day.

We plan to expand the scope of the search and add additional personnel and equipment.

Meanwhile, the missing family and the surviving family asked for an entrance door this morning and close the Soyang River Dam water gate, as well as the identification of the facts, the release of CCTV and reports.