TikTok, owned by Chinese ByteDance, plans to open its first European data center in Ireland, the popular video app writes in a blog post on Thursday. The company wants to store videos, messages and other data from European users there.

The company is investing around 420 million euros in the new data center. According to TikTok, this will create hundreds of new jobs, allow faster loading times for the app and ensure European user data is stored securely.

TikTok currently stores user data on servers in the United States and Singapore, the BBC writes . However, the app is in conflict with US President Donald Trump, who is considering a ban on the app if the US branch of the app is not taken over by a US company.

"The arrival of this data center makes it clear that we want to be active in Ireland for a long time. We expect it to open in early 2022 and be operational," writes TikTok.

Ireland is one of Europe's largest hubs for data centers. Large technology companies such as Amazon, Facebook and Google are also active there.

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