Today (6th), at about 11:30 am in Seomyeon Uiam Dam in Chuncheon, Gangwon, three boats, including a rubber boat and an administrative boat, were rescued as they were caught by a wire that the police boat had installed to protect the dam.

Immediately after the accident, the ships were swept downstream through the water gates of Uiam Dam, 13m wide.

Four people were riding on the police boat, one police officer, one on the rubber boat, and two on the administrative boat.

One of these workers managed to escape.

They reportedly had an accident trying to seize the large aquatic islands that had been installed to purify the water quality of Uiam Lake as they drifted downstream to the dam.

Witnesses said, "The police were working on the island of the aquatic island, and when they saw it sinking on the wire, one of the company employees went to rescue on a rubber boat, but it was also overturned."

Police officers believe that the police boat was sunk from the back of the wire installed in front of the Uiam Dam, and the rubber boats and administrative ships approached to rescue them were also sunk.

(Photo = Yonhap News)