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After several months of testing, Nearby Share is finally ready to be deployed. Google's new proximity sharing feature is coming to Android smartphones. The latter allows content and files to be sent to another Android smartphone without the two terminals being connected via a wire or using an online solution. The functionality simply relies on Bluetooth.

In fact, a user will be able to select the Nearby Share feature in the options for sharing a photo, video or document. He will then have to choose the recipient to whom he wishes to send his document among the smartphones detected nearby. The phones of the two people will indeed have to be close, more or less 30 centimeters, to detect each other. The sender can then validate his shipment. As for the recipient, he may or may not accept the document. Thus, it will not be possible for a person to send images or videos without the recipient's consent.

Gradual deployment

To appear in the list of nearby contacts, the recipient will have to activate the Nearby Share option, as well as Bluetooth and geolocation. Users of this feature will be able to adjust their visibility from the feature settings. Thus, they can decide to appear only for their personal contacts, for everyone or for no one.

Google announced the rollout of this new feature today on Samsung and Pixel smartphones. Others will be able to use it in the coming weeks, starting with Android 6. The feature will also be available on Chromebooks in the coming months.


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