Illustration of an FFP2 mask in the midst of a coronavirus crisis. - E. Frisullo / 20 Minutes

A Japanese company has developed a high-tech version of the traditional face mask to fight the spread of the coronavirus. The accessory is in fact designed to facilitate communication and good understanding, by translating the words of its wearer.

Voice volume amplification and spoken word transcription features are also available subject to use of the associated digital app, CNN said. Called C-Face Smart Mask, the device developed by Donut Robotics supports eight languages ​​in its translation program: French, English, Japanese, Mandarin, Korean, Spanish, Indonesian and Vietnamese.

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- Design Watcher (@design_watcher) July 8, 2020

Two masks on the face

The mask, made of plastic and silicone, has an integrated microphone connected to the smartphone via Bluetooth. So that its user can breathe, holes have been added. Worn alone, the C-Face Smart Mask does not therefore limit the transmission of the coronavirus, and must be worn with a conventional mask underneath.

The idea for the device came when the health crisis put the start-up's other projects on hold. “We were running out of money and wondering how to keep the business afloat,” says CEO and co-founder of Donut Robotics, Taisuke Ono. The engineers therefore transported the innovations developed for Cinnamon, an airport robot, to another more relevant and more profitable project in the midst of a pandemic.


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