There is still a lot of rain in the central region. The water flow in the Han River is getting rough again, so let's call a reporter on a diving bridge.

Reporter Hee-won Je, it seems like it's raining a lot right now, but the water level on the Hangang Diving Bridge continues to rise?


Raindrops are getting thicker on this diving bridge about an hour ago.

The flow rate of the river flow has been significantly improved, but the water level of the Han River, which has been down for a while since the afternoon of yesterday (5th), is also rising again.

The current level of the diving bridge has risen to 8.5m.

The water is 2m longer than the 6.2m standard that restricts traffic.

Since the amount of dam discharge upstream of the Han River continues to increase as the rain still falls, the water level is expected to rise by the time it flows down the Han River.


Last night, there were places where the road around the Han River was controlled?

<Reporter> From

9:25 last night, the direction of the Yeomchang Interchange was controlled from the Dongjakdaegyo Bridge on the Olympic Road.

There was also a severe congestion over midnight.

The Seoul Metropolitan Government explained that the discharge of more than 10,000 tons per second from the Paldang Dam has significantly increased the water level of the Han River.

The expansion of the control section is not yet considered, but the Seoul Metropolitan Government and the Flood Control Center are cautious of the situation with the possibility of flooding of additional roads in mind.

As there are places in the Seoul metropolitan area that have forecasts of more than 300mm by tomorrow, the control section can be extended, so you should pay special attention to the guidance of the authorities.